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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Publicizing and Advertising Your Art Accomplishments

When I have a sculpture accepted for a juried show, I promote the event and typically include a photo or two of the sculpture on my website and/or blog.

However when I have photos of my work due to come out in magazine or book, in contrast to a juried exhibition, I make it a rule not to post photos of the accepted works on my blog or website. While I mention it on my resume and on my website schedule of exhibitions and events (i.e., "2010 Art Glass Today, Edited by Jeffrey Snyder, Schiffer Publishing), I never go as far as to say for example "I had four photos accepted for the upcoming magazine story, book, etc. and here are the photos."

To do so takes away the surprise of the publication. And if your friends, family, clients and the entire world already know which of your art works are going to be in the book, there really is no incentive for them or others to purchase the book or buy the magazine to read the article. As an artist you want to create anticipation for your work and what you are doing next. You can still find ways to promote an upcoming book or magazine without need of "giving it all away."

If you look at the resumes of experienced artists, the standard practice and unwritten protocol is to simply reference the upcoming publication as mentioned above and at most, include ONE photo.

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