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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Park in England: Design Error or Recycled Glass Problem?

I came across this article about a park in England that replaced their traditional playground equipment with these tall concrete Plinths (narrow concrete columns)to be used as stepping stones. These tall stepping stones were covered with bits of recycled glass (mosaic technique I assume). Now the park in the the process of removing this decorative recycled glass surface since it was sharp and could cause injury to the children.

My questions:

1.) Why would one cover any surface that babies, toddlers and children are not only stepping on but also likely to hold on to as well, with a broken, sharp and slippery surface material like glass?

2.) These plinths look like tall narrow concrete columns on which children's feet would barely fit. This is an improvement over standard swings and monkey bars?

The real problem to me seems to not be the recycled glass but simply very, very poor design and function.
Read the story at : news/england/wear/8694116.stm

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