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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Creative Personality

I read an article recently that addressed the topic of creative personality characteristics. I thought this list of top ten factors was fairly accurate.

10 Traits that Contribute to the Creative Personality

From “Understanding Creativity,”

by John S. Dacey and Kathleen M. Lennon

1. Tolerance of Ambiguity – The inclination to find strangeness interesting or exciting rather than frightening.

2. Stimulus Freedom – Breaking free from assumptions about a specific situation, i.e. “thinking outside of the box.” (Nine dots, to be connected by only four lines, with pencil never leaving the paper).

3. Functional Freedom – Imagining how objects can be used for different purposes than originally intended.

4. Flexibility – Open to the world, open to change, and prepared to bring about change.

5. Risk Taking – Willingness to take risks and chances, to depart from a sense of security.

6. Preference for Disorder – Predilection for disarray, complexity and asymmetry.

7. Delay of Gratification – The willingness to endure the stress of prolonged effort so as to reap higher pleasures in the long run.

8. Freedom from Sex-Role Stereotyping – The view that creative capability is given by nature and capable of exerting its influence automatically regardless of biology.

9. Perseverance – The capacity to endure frustration and obstacles that might ordinarily be thought overwhelming; related to the autotelic personality.

10. Courage – Passionately pursuing a creative endeavor regardless of consequences

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