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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Who's Who Scams Targeted at Artists

I happened to come across a discussion on Linkedin where several artists were taken advantage of by a "Who's Who" scam targeted towards artists. While there are some legitimate types of Who's Who books, many are scams and simply exist to obtain your personal and credit card information. In particular, if you google "Cambridge Who's Who", you will find a great degree of negative press on it. The website has a number of interesting posts on this topic as well.

With all the online discussion groups available for artists on the internet, from Linkedin to Facebook groups, all artists should research any "opportunity" offered to them. I know it is understandable to be flattered in being approached but scammers count on you letting your guard down in these instances. I have found that most artists are very willing to share their positive and negative experiences on any art topic.

So, the bottom line is, Ask Questions and Do Your Research First.

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