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Friday, March 4, 2011

Aurora Glass and St. Vincent de Paul's Strategic Recycling Initiative

About the Aurora Glass Foundry

"There was a small mountain of glass growing off I-5 near Portland and it needed to go somewhere... it was destined for the land fill. St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County took note, and from that the Aurora Glass Foundry was born. Since then Aurora Glass has become an innovative resource for the community, recycling old windows and other waste glass previously without a recycling avenue. Proceeds fund St. Vincent de Paul's charitable endeavors in Lane County, Oregon."

"Aurora Glass is part of St. Vincent de Paul's strategic recycling initiative for a healthier community. We manufacture our popular line of products for wholesale and retail sale, as well as creating custom works large and small. All profits from Aurora are returned to the community in the form of assistance for homeless and low-income people through emergency services, housing, jobs, training, and other charitable endeavors."

The Process
"Recycled glass is collected, crushed, washed and mixed with metallic oxides that will produce rich colors when melted. Once the furnace is loaded with 500 pounds of the crushed glass, the "batch" is transformed into a glowing liquid and "cooked" at 2300 degrees over night. Our Artisans form the molten glass into architectural and decorative works of art for your home; unique items created exclusively by hand casting and the use of molds and stamps. Creating treasure from yesterday's trash is a beautiful thing, and we are proud to make products of simple beauty that also help reduce landfill waste in our community."

Check out their beautiful products by clicking here.

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