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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So What Price is Recycled Glass Cullet Selling For?

"Recycling glass is a challenge in Montana, but Headwaters Cooperative Recycling ‑ with help from the state and participating local governments ‑ has managed to make a go of it. And that’s a positive for all involved."

"The Cooperative’s mobile glass pulverizer is currently at the Butte‑Silver Bow landfill turning 600 tons of stockpiled glass into pulverized granules called cullet." "With the sharp edges removed, cullet can be put to a number of uses. Cullet has been successfully used as an alternative to gravel and sand in landscaping, walking paths, pipe bedding, septic sand filter systems, as aggregate in cement walls, blocks, and paving stones, and in road base. Its uses are only limited by our imaginations!"

Prices listed on the website are as follows:

3/8 inch glass cullet- $22.00/Yd or $17.00/Ton

Glass Sand – $21.35/Yd or $15.25/Ton

Cost per Pickup load- $15.00

Bulk price discount for orders of 100 tons or more 3/8 inch glass cullet $21.00/Yd or $15.00/Ton.

Glass cullet and sand is for sale in Butte by calling Headwaters at 406-443-3101 or emailing them at

For more information, click here.

Great job Headwaters Cooperative Recycling!!!

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