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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finishing Up The Dragonfly Project Tomorrow 10-10-10

Here are some updated photos below.  I spent three hours on Friday evening cutting off the excess adhesive (with a serated knife) where it had dripped down and set. This marine adhesive, unlike normal caulk, cannot be smoothed until it sets a bit and I did not want to accidently push it up against the glass since it is impossible to remove. Today, I applied additional adhesive around the edges of the glass where it joined the plate and filled in any gaps. I also applied the cast blue bottle pieces to the concrete "pond."

The county is supposed to start the landscaping this coming week.  Additional soil will be added so that the concrete and glass "pond" is flush with the ground. This will give it a natural look.  The planting of dwarf ornamental grasses will help obscure the metal posts in time.

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