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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here is an "Interesting" Email from an Art Scammer

I have not got one of these emails for a while.

Greetings/I Am willing To Purchasing artworks
From: Kate Bowen (

To: Undisclosed-recipients

I saw your artwork on   I need you to 
send me the list of the artworks you have for sell ,
wow!! beauty to behold,will add a
spark to my new apartment and am willing to purchase 
your artwork. My son and I will be moving into our new 
apartment next month.

I want you to please get back to me with the present 
condition,your location and your last price offer.
Kindly let me know how much you can
let go and send me pics.will take care pickup after 
get back
to me asap.

Easy clues as to why this is from a scammer.

1.) Undisclosed recipients?
2.) Does not use my name?
3.) Does not even know what type of art I do (no specifics).
4.) The link does not connect to the site (hover your cursor).
5.) When you hit reply, it goes to a different email address
6.) Terrible spelling, grammar, etc.

Yes, Kate, I would like to "add a spark to your apartment."  And I'll bring the matches!

1 comment:

  1. hahaha, i just recieved the EXACT email! i googled the address to see if it was a scam. thanks for posting this! cree