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Monday, October 10, 2011

Art Scam of the Week

Here is a recent email that I received below.  This guy did not even bother trying to ascertain my name (which is in large letters across the webpage and in the webpage domain address as well).  He saw my quote about Isamu Noguchi and stopped reading there. I have highlighted in red some of the tip offs that this is a scam.

Avoid people who do business this way.

From: Eric Toczko
To: Isamu _

Hi Isamu,

My name is Eric Toczko, and I work for I was just searching through Google for "custom glass" in VA and noticed that you've been making some really cool stuff.

We are a marketplace for North American design professionals. Every year we connect 3 million+ customers with talented specialists capable of creating their projects. It's been part of my job to find the best custom companies from VA and get them on board. Due to recent openings in your state, I'm offering the first 20 companies a $1 introductory offer to give us a test run.

The offer is open to anyone from VA that's interested, but after catching a glimpse of your work I think we would definitely like you to be in that first 20 ;).

Either way, I would love to hear from you. Keep up the great work!

Best, Eric

Eric Toczko

Business Development

p: 800.501.3121

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