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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why Does Container Glass Come in Different Colors?

The website has an informative article as to why container glass comes in different colors.

"Color Significance"

"Have you ever wondered why beer usually comes in amber glass and wine is often in green glass?"

"Brown glass absorbs the most ultraviolet radiation, at wavelengths shorter than 450 nm (nanometers), so it offers the best protection from potentially damaging light. Beer, for instance, would be ruined by light absorption so you’ll usually find your favorite brew in a brown bottle."

"Green glass still has the light protection, but not as much and since liquids like wines and juices can be exposed to some light without ruining the flavors, they are often bottled in green glass."

"Clear glass is best suited for alcohol, water, sauces and foods that aren’t affected by light."

"All of these glasses are colored by the addition of oxides colorants to the forehearth, a brick lined canal that delivers glass to the forming machine of a flint glass furnace, during the manufacturing process."

"Iron, sulfur and carbon are added to make amber glass. Chrome oxide is used to create green glass; the higher the concentration, the darker green the glass will be. Blue glass, which was more popular in the 1920s, is created by adding cobalt oxide."

Click here to read the full story.

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