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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ripple Glass of Kansas City, Missouri

Ripple Glass LLC of Kansas City is on pace this year to supply Verallia North America with 2,000 tons of cullet (processed recycled glass) in a form ready for manufacturing. Verallia is a manufacturer of the ECO Series bottle. To date, 17 brewers have adopted the bottle, including the Boulevard Brewing Company. The ECO series bottle uses an average of 29 percent recycled glass to manufacture new glass containers for the beer, wine, food, beverage and spirits industries.

Ripple Glass launched in November 2009 as Kansas City’s first glass-crushing facility. In 2009, Kansas Citians threw away 150 million pounds of perfectly good glass. The company collects glass and crushes it into cullet, which Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp. buys and turns into fiberglass insulation.

The Boulevard Brewing Company, one of the area’s largest contributors of glass waste, has been working for years to find a way to recycle the 10 million bottles a year it adds to the waste stream.

Read the full article by James Dornbrook at the Kansas City Business Journal.

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