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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Curbside Glass Recycling Comes to Flagstaff, Arizona

A private company called "Curbside Glass" has decided to offer a pick up curb service for glass bottles. Curbside Glass currently offers several tiers of service, from a once-a-month glass pick-up for $3.99 to a weekly service for $12.95. In addition, the city's once-a-month service will cost $3.55 a month once it gets started later this spring. City officials said the crushed glass will come into larger demand four to eight years from now when the glass will be used as a lining as the city landfill grows.

The sizes of the containers used by the two competing services are very distinct. The city will issue 47-gallon blue containers similar to current city trash bins while the Curbside Glass uses 5-gallon buckets.
The two services will compete against each other this spring, with the city expected to begin offering the service in March.

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