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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update on the Dragonfly Installation in Barcroft Park

After a meeting with various Arlington County Park officials today, we are well on track to have the metal work and the glass dragonflies and the center concrete and glass vessel installed by the end of June. For the recycled glass castings, my work has moved from the "work till you drop stage" to more of the fun sandblasting and final coldworking of the final 20 castings.

The forty dragonflies will be up on metal t-bars (possibly aluminum) and a metal plate in the shape of each dragonfly will be welded to the top of each t-bar. The dragonflies will then be affixed to the metal plates. We are still exploring the best type of adhesive to use since it must be able to expand and contract with the glass but also firmly adhere the work to prevent theft. The lower parts of the metal t-bars will be set in a concrete footing below ground.

The mound still has to be roto-tilled to remove the larger stones.

This public art project will be the first kiln-cast recycled glass project (non-panel project) in the United States that uses multiple types of post-consumer recycled glass and a special element to be revealed later. Other completed non-panel projects have used just one type of recycled glass (such as cast float glass). The castings are made from green bottles (two colors); blue bottles (this glass is very hard to find); tempered (formerly) window glass; and plate glass (both clear and black tinted).

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