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Saturday, April 10, 2010

150 Pulverized Glass Recycling Facilities in the United States

I came across an interesting article that referenced the number of pulverized glass recycling centers in the United States.


Glass recycling now available in Santa Rosa County (Florida)

Discarded glass has a new purpose with Santa Rosa County announcing the start of a new glass recycling program.

"As one of only an estimated 150 pulverized glass recycling facilities in the United States, glass jars and bottles placed in home curbside recycling containers collected by Waste Pro or deposited at one of the 27 recycling areas around the county, will have a new use as a gravel or sand product. The recycled glass is safe for people, pets and marine life and has numerous uses including landscape material, filtration and drainage material, aggregative mix, asphalt and cement fill, and as a decorative and art material.

An Impact 100 Grant awarded to Santa Rosa Clean Community System funded the purchase of the glass pulverizing machine which removes labels and tops and produces both a gravel and sand product. The glass gravel and sand have no sharp edges and come in a variety of colors including green, brown, blue, mixed and clear.

Initially, the recycled glass will be used at various government and non-profit sites to introduce the many uses of recycled glass to the public. Sometime after September 2010, the gravel and sand will be available to the public at "innovation stations" in limited amounts at no charge by Santa Rosa Clean Community System. As the process is refined and larger amounts of glass are collected through residential recycling, agreements with restaurants and bars, and other landfills that do not have glass recycling capability, the recycled glass gravel and sand will be marketed and sold. Profits will be used to help continue recycling efforts in Santa Rosa County."

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