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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trelawny Jamaica Residents Get Creative With Glass Beads

FALMOUTH, Trelawny:

THE HEART Trust/NTA's Falmouth Vocational Training Centre (VTC) is equipping residents with skills to become entrepreneurs and to serve Trelawny's burgeoning tourism industry, recently offering a training programme in the old and beautiful art of glass bead making.

Approximately 18 persons from various communities in the parish recently completed a three-week course conducted by international expert, Professor Kudjo Owusu from Ghana, who has practised the art for some two decades.

Recycled glass bottles were crushed into fine powder, and the material used to create beads, mainly for jewellery. Participants were also taught how to make the clay moulds and kilns, which are necessities in the bead-making process.

The hope is that persons trained in the skill will start small businesses or boost existing ventures, by producing craft items that are unique and sustainable.

Participants in the glass bead-making course at the HEART Trust/NTA's Vocational Training Centre in Falmouth fill clay moulds with powdered glass to be placed in the kiln for the heating process. The three-week course was conducted by Professor Owusu.

Read the full article in The Gleaner here.

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