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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stands and Frames

I always read and hear about a number of show jurors remarking on incorrect framing for entered works. I think as artists, we sometimes all are guilty of being so focused on our own work, that we fail to think about the stand or frame being an integral part of the work as well. A poorly framed work or incorrect stand could cause your work not to be accepted for a show.

I remember my first juried craft show years ago when I was just starting out. My glass works were very modern and contemporary but I did not think beyond that when I used a tan damask tablecloth to cover the table displaying the art. Another more experienced artist suggested I might want to consider using a different table covering next time, such as black and not damask, which is very traditional. Changing this one little factor gave a more modern look to my entire presentation. This ranked in my top ten list of valuable and practical art advice I have been given.

If you have created a glass sculpture that needs some support and/or elevation, think about your stand as well. Placing a modern sculpture on a traditional and inexpensive round piece of craft store wood may not be the best choice. Likewise, if you have a 2-D relief casting that needs to be framed, simple unembellished stainless steel or brushed aluminum is a good choice. Framing it with your grandmother's old Victorian wooden frame may not be the best choice.

Again, keep in mind the entire presentation at all times.

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