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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

15 Things an Artist Should Never Say

The ArtBistro newsletter has an interesting article on "15 things an Artist should never say."

The top 5 were as follows:

1) I am an artist, not a business person!

2) "No" to a project out of fear of a challenge.

3) I'm a failure because I have never sold anything.

4) I'm an artist, not a computer geek!

5) You can have it! (for free)

I would rank saying "I can't do that" in the top 5 but it was listed as #15 in the article. Remember as artists, we always have options and are in control of our own careers and schedules. If you cannot create that masterpiece in three days as requested, explain to your potential client what goes into your work, your process, your expertise, your schedule, etc. Then suggest an alternate reasonable timeframe. And remember, always use a basic contract for all commissioned work and obtain 50% of the estimated project costs upfront.

The other ten things and more information can be found in the original article at:

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