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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Technical Question #1: You underestimated the amount of glass needed for your casting. Can this be fixed?

With some of the dragonfly castings, it has been difficult to stack the glass high enough in the mold so that it fully sinks into the mold and fills it out during one kiln firing. So I have been able to reuse my molds one more time if there are no major cracks. I first dust off any residue on the glass in the mold and stack more glass on top of the existing glass casting. Do not touch or move the mold since it is very breakable at this point and it will simply crumble away if moved.

Since I am adding glass to an existing casting, I need to fire the second time around more slowly and anneal longer. I do not use the same firing schedule I used previously. While I hesitate to give a firing schedule since kilns vary and so do sizes of the work and the type of recycled glass, I would add at least 2 hours to the firing schedule per 0.25 inch of glass (based on the depth of the mold depression needed to be filled with more glass).

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