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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Freecycle: A large donation of four bags of bottles!

One source of recycled glass and other materials is You can go to the website at www. and sign up for the freecycle in your area. I think Freecycle limits you to two cities/areas so choose wisely. People post unwanted items that include everything from sofas to toys to even glass bottles or a broken glass table top on occasion. The only requirement is that you have to pick it up (assuming you email back your interest and you are selected by the poster). You can also post requests for items you are seeking. While large quantities of glass do not pop up every day, I usually come across something I need monthly.

Someone recently posted that they were giving away multiple bags of wine bottles. I asked if they were from varied products or one to two identical products. The bottles were huge and came from 2 identical sources. While this is no guarantee of compatibility kiln-wise, it does increase the likelihood a bit. I did some pretesting and the large set of 16 plus identical green bottles seem very compatible. The smaller set of about 8 smaller brighter green smaller bottles did not seem as compatible between bottles so they will not be mixed together in kiln-castings.

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